My name is Gustavo. I have a big dev background and more recently I’ve been helping my sysadmins friends to automate their tasks. With the advent of DevOps and the Infrastructure as Code practices, we are able to save a lot of the ops guys’ precious time simply by automating as much as we can.

The Codeyourinfra¬†project aims to help you to gradually adopt dev practices in your daily work, little by little. And you can start it today, in small chunks. Spend just a few minutes improving your work on a daily basis, and you’ll get great results along the way. After all, there’s always a better way, and we all want to:

  • reduce the mess in the environments we take care;
  • minimize our stress on changes’ executions;
  • decrease the chaos due to production issues;
  • drop significantly the amount of urgent demands;
  • spend our priceless time on what’s really worth it.