So, it seems the role of a sysadmin is not the same anymore, since someone came up with the DevOps term. You’ve already survived the Virtualization wave, but now there’s a bigger one, the Cloud wave. You’ve always performed your tasks quite well, however in the recent years you have been striving to deal with the increasing amount of servers to take care.

Please, don’t be overwhelmed. I’ll help you to realize that your job¬†in fact has been evolving. With examples, I’ll show you that your tasks can be automated, releasing you from the chaos. And it’s ok to be part of the DevOps movement, you’ll grow a lot. Join me in this journey!


My name is Gustavo. I have a big dev background and more recently I’ve been helping my sysadmins friends to automate their tasks. With the advent of DevOps and the Infrastructure as Code practices, we are able to save a lot of the ops guys’ precious time simply by automating as much as we can.

The Codeyourinfra¬†project aims to help you to gradually adopt dev practices in your daily work, little by little. And you can start it today, in small chunks. Spend just a few minutes improving your work on a daily basis, and you’ll get great results along the way. After all, there’s always a better way, and we all want to:

  • reduce the mess in the environments we take care;
  • minimize our stress on changes’ executions;
  • decrease the chaos due to production issues;
  • drop significantly the amount of urgent demands;
  • spend our priceless time on what’s really worth it.


Your problem

My goal is bring to you automated solutions for all sort of problems you face while executing your tasks as a sysadmin. You might be insecure making too many manual interventions in servers, or you might be tired of doing the same old repetitive tasks, or maybe you are considering some change too risky to make without more tests.

For sure I can help you to find a solution, count on me. I just ask you to give me more details about your problem, no matter what it is. Contact me through LinkedIn, Twitter or by email, tell me your story, feel free to show me your pain points. If you prefer, simply fill up the form below and submit it to me. All solutions are kept in the Github repo and are explained in a Blog post.



Bringing the Ansible development to the cloud

It’s very important that you, as a sysadmin, have your own environment, where you can develop and test Ansible playbooks. Like any dev guy’s environment, your environment must be of your total control, because you will certainly need to recreate it from the scratch many times. The environment must be not shared as well, therefore …

Choosing between baked and fried provisioning

Provisioning always requires resources from somewhere. The resources are packages in remote repositories, compressed files from Internet addresses, they have all sizes and formats. Depending on where they are and the available bandwidth, the download process can last more than expected. If provisioning is a repetitive task, like in automated tests, you might want to …